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Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard
iPad Case Plus Removeable Keyboard

iPad Case Plus Removeable Keyboard

Product Description
This is a great item to have for any iPad owner. The case has a removeable semi rigid keyboard. The keyboard can easily be connected to an iPad by Bluetooth. The case also has a sturdy metal stand on the back to help the iPad from falling back when pressing on the screen. Many similar items do not have a sturdy support for the iPad which results in the iPad easily falling down if pressing on the screen. The clasp to keep the case closed does not use a magnet, so it will not interfere with your iPad.

Size: 9.5"X7.5"X0.75"

How To Connect The Keyboard To iPad/iPhone4

  • Turn on the bluetooth on the iPad/iPhone 4
  • Turn on the power on the keyboard
  • Press connect on the keyboard. The blue light will start blinking. It keeps blinking until it is sync'd or times out
  • Have the iPad/iPhone 4 search for bluetooth devices
  • Select the keyboard after iPad/iPhone 4 finds it
  • Then the iPad/iPhone 4 will give you a code to type on the bluetooth keyboard using the # keys on the keyboard and press ENTER. It should connect the 2 devices together


  • Metal Stand
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Waterproof Keyboard
  • Removeable Keyboard
  • Snap On Case
  • Wrist rest


  • Case
  • Removeable Bluetooth Keyboard
  • USB Cable
  • Manual


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